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Importance of Gateway flag on SIP trunk

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Importance of Gateway flag on SIP trunk

Importance of Gateway flag on SIP trunk

There are two methods for VoIP calling.

1. Peer to Peer Calling

2. Proxy calling

Peer to Peer calling means IP calling. You need IP address of second party to call.

Proxy calling is a server –client approach. Server provides its extension which is registered in a client device as a trunk. A client can use the resource of Server for calling.

There is some IP/PBX servers where they use extension as a gateway mode and this extension need to be configured in gateway device to route the PSTN call of IP server from that gateway device.[attachment=0:8oajsbri]Gateway flag.png[/attachment:8oajsbri]

As per above application diagram, when IP/PBX server route the call through that extension which is configured in the Matrix device ,they send INVITE message with called party number as any external number & calling party number. Matrix device route the call from GSM as per configuration of the gateway device.

Benefit of gateway mode over proxy mode:

-> For gateway mode, any incoming request on gateway device can be routed directly as per the called party number while in case of Proxy mode, called party must be the SIP extension which is configured in gateway device as a SIP proxy.