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Peer to Peer Calling Between Two NAVAN

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30 May 2014 02:41

Peer to Peer Calling Between Two NAVAN

  • Set up both NAVAN in same network illustrated as above image.

  • Here, WAN of both NAVAN are in same network.

  • Create a SIP trunk (Peer to Peer trunk) in both NAVAN as per below image.

  • Configure Peer to Peer table under PBX Settingsà VoIP Configuration. Please refer below image for NAVAN A and NAVAN B.

  • Configure Closed User Group under PBX SettingsàClosed User Group for direct calling between both NAVAN. Refer below image for reference.

  • Now make a call from NAVAN A to NAVAN B and vice a versa.

  • Contact Matrix support if you have any query regarding above configuration.