Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

“Safety of person overrides all the targets” is the Health Safety and Environmental policy of Matrix Comsec Pvt. Ltd. Matrix believes that all injuries, occupational illnesses as well as safety and environmental incidents are preventable. Matrix shall strive to be a leader in the field of management of Health, Safety and Environment

Matrix is committed to

  • Conduct all its activities in such a manner as to avoid harm to employees, contractors and the community.
  • Promote occupational health of its employees and contractors.
  • Improve continuously its environmental practices and performance.
  • Minimize adverse impact on environment and risks to the community that arise due to its operations and during transportation and distribution of its goods.
  • Utilize energy resources in a responsible and efficient mannerso as to reduce emissions and generation of effluent and waste.
  • Protection of Environment and prevention of pollution.
  • Comply with all statutory and regulatory legal & other requirements concerning Health Safety and environment.
  • Create culture of learning and practicing Health, Safety and Environmentsystems, procedures and practices among all its employees and contractors.
  • Continuous Improvement in Environment and Health and Safety Management System.

Matrix strives to achieve these objectives by

  • Designing products with proper and adequate safeguards for ensuring process safety
  • Carrying out process and operational changes through well-defined systems and strict adherence to the same
  • Following effective use ofsafe working procedures and practices for operations, maintenance, inspection and emergency situations
  • Reviewing regularly and updating of systems and procedures
  • Training and validating employees and contractors on health and safety practices
  • Conducting all work in a safe manner and to ensure integrity of the assets by providing personal protective equipment, tools and tackles
  • Auditing periodically internal and external work procedures and practices
  • Investigating all incidentsrelating toHealth, Safety and Environment including minor ones and near misses, followed by implementation of corrective measures
  • Communicating learning from investigations of incidents internal and external to all employees and taking steps to prevent such occurrences
  • Identifying and evaluating health risks related to operations and carrying out pre-employment and periodic health check-up of its employees
  • Implementing programs and appropriate protective measures to control such risks

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