Matrix Launches COSEC Facial Recognition – A Powerful Biometric User Identification based on Innovative, Deep Learning Technology
Matrix, a world class manufacturer of Telecom and Security solutions, recently unveiled its indigenously designed COSEC Facial Recognition. Matrix COSEC Face Recognition is based on innovative, deep learning technology, which evolves as per regular user interaction in different conditions. It identifies a user quickly and accurately with 1:1 or 1:N identification method. The technology checks liveness of a face with 99.53% accuracy. It accepts the user’s mobile as a credential, which eliminates hardware cost and makes the verification process simple and secure.

With contactless authentication, Matrix COSEC Facial Recognition technology reads the user’s face through COSEC APTA application. It ensures contactless authentication and identifies user’s face in <1 Sec. It eradicates the issues of identifying varying height of user(s) as the user needs to capture the image of their face in a smart phone for authentication process. Moreover, it works well even in low bandwidth conditions and is agnostic to changes in facial hair, angles and lighting.

“Matrix Facial Recognition is a powerful tool conceived with Liveness Detection method. It has the ability to read beyond the surface of the skin and identifies real skin within fraction of a second. With the addition of these unique biometric technology in our range of security solutions, we want to weave our image as a company manufacturing solution catering to different verticals for various Access Control and Time-Attendance applications”, commented Jatin Desai – Product Manager, Access Control and Time-Attendance.

Smartphone as an Identity: By installing COSEC APTA application in their smartphone, users’ mobile becomes a biometric device for Time-Attendance and Access Control applications. Identification or verification is done through capturing an image of their face through the phone’s camera which in turn marks their attendance.

Ease of Face Enrollment: The user face enrollment is done by capturing the image of a user’s face from different angles, which gets stored in COSEC CENTRA/VYOM database.

Unique Enrollment: Due to unique technology of TRAIN feature in COSEC APTA, user’s face can get easily recognized in dynamic and uncontrolled environments. With TRAIN feature, user can add many images of their face for error free facial recognition.

Face Recognition: It works on 1:N authentication method wherein, a user’s face is compared with the facial images in a database of stored records.

Face Detection:  It works on 1:1 authentication method wherein, a user’s face is verified against the logged in ID of the user.

Dual Security: For strong authentication, user’s face is verified after establishing Bluetooth connectivity with the assigned door for accessing the door assigned to respective user.

Location Tracking through GPS: To keep track of the user’s movement outside/inside the premises, COSEC APTA sends location details to the server using GPS by taking user’s face image from the present location

QR Code based Access Control
About Solution
Everything we do today is done through a single ‘tap’ on our mobile devices. With a single ‘tap’ we can share things on social media, check our health status, communicate with others, so on and so forth. A similar trend can be seen with access control, which first started with the RFID cards. Then it was biometrics and now we see the dawn of mobile credentials for access control.

Matrix’s “Your Mobile is Your Identity” technology offers QR Code based identification for opening doors by simply scanning the QR code from an authorized mobile phone through COSEC APTA App. It is a simple process of authentication that offers convenience to users while increasing the overall security of an organization at the same time
Features Advantage Benefit
QR Code based Identification   Simply scan the QR Code on your mobile phone from a distance of up to three to five feet for gaining access.   Convenience
Mobile as User Credential   People rarely forget their mobile phones and do not give them away as easily as their RFID cards.   Convenience
Contactless Identification   Users don’t have to touch the scanner.   Hygiene
User Identification Linked to Mobile IMEI   COSEC Server ties every user with his/her mobile’s unique IMEI number.   Security
Server Encrypted QR Code   Centralized server creates a QR code and distributes to the respective users over encrypted communication. Mobile user does not have any access or control over the QR Code that is generated.   Security
Customer Created QR Codes   Organizations create their own QR Codes by embedding their 2-byte key.   Security
Eliminate Card or Biometric Readers   Eliminate expensive devices, panels, wiring, installation and AMC costs.   Cost
Multiple QR Codes   Multiple QR Codes can be used to speed up ingress/egress to avoid congestion and queues.   Speed and Throughput
Printed QR Codes at Entry and Exit Points   Reduces setup time. Works where biometric or card readers are not easy to deploy.   Faster Installation
How it Works:
User has to scan QR Code given by the door using COSEC APTA application from a Mobile phone registered with the COSEC CENTRA server.
Camera will start by twisting a mobile phone or opening it from the COSEC APTA application.
COSEC APTA sends user event to COSEC ARC door controller for user access verification.
Upon verification, COSEC ARC door controller opens the door lock connected on its relay port.

The solution is highly useful under below mentioned circumstances:

Where Door Controllers are Difficult to Install by the Door
E.g. Glass Doors: Installing door controllers on glass doors may cause the glass to break. Instead we can directly stick a QR Code on the glass and mount COSEC ARC on a din-rail above the door.

For a Cost Effective Solution
This solution eliminates reader as well as door controller costs.

Target Audience
Corporates: Easy to install at glass doors and office chambers.
Healthcare: Being a contactless technology, the solution prevents hygiene issues.
BFSI: End to end encryption increases the overall security.
Manufacturing: 100% user identification irrespective of fingerprint quality.
Devices Required
COSEC APTA (Mobile App)
(Optional – required if used COSEC ARC V1)
Guidelines to Generate QR Code:
Encrypt the key though
The key should contain the following code. This information needs to be encrypted:
{"version":"1","ip":"IP of Door Controller/PANEL LITE","port":"80","pdid":"0","mode":"0"}
Set Mode: “0” for Entry, “1” for Exit
pdid: Set “0” in case of Direct Door
Insert “Door ID” in case of Panel Door
Version: Set “1” by Default Port: Set “80” by Default
Once you generate the encrypted string, you may generate the QR Code through
Gold’s Gym Manages Members’ Access with Matrix COSEC
Company Profile
Gold’s Gym started in Venice California in 1965 rapidly became the center for the development of training techniques and nutritional concepts that formed the foundation for modern fitness revolution. Today, Gold’s Gym has over 700 facilities across the globe, of which 65 are located in India. Its first Indian branch was set up at Nepean Sea Road, Mumbai in 2002. Currently at each location in India they have more than 2,000 members enrolled to utilize their services like: Personal Training, Spinning Studio, Massages, Steam Room and many more.
Business Challenges
Gold’s Gym facilities are equipped with expensive gym equipment, and hence, controlling access was of prime importance for them. However, they wanted a biometric access control system for their members only, which would them to utilize the gym’s facilities. A fingerprint based access control system was required which could enroll the fingerprint image of all its members. At every location, Gold’s Gym has a membership base of approximately 2,000 members which they expect to escalate quickly. The basic requirement of the fitness station was to allow access only to valid members, on the basis of their fingerprint image. Another requirement was to grant its members with access to the premises only for the duration of their membership. Further, integrating the existing Tally software (wherein they store all their membership details) with access control software was also mandatory for Gold’s Gym.
Matrix Offered Solution:
Matrix comprehensive solution offered to Gold’s Gym provided access to members using their fingerprint image. At every facility of Gold’s Gym, fingerprint based biometric door controllers were installed to monitor access. This allowed entry only to valid members. In addition, the respective member’s photograph is displayed on the monitoring window when he/she accesses the door. COSEC software is installed to perform the functions related to system admin like enrolling members, maintaining the member’s database, assigning time duration of membership and generating reports. All 2,000 members could now be configured under a single door controller by utilizing COSEC PANEL LITE. Integration of their existing Tally software with Matrix COSEC system was also offered to Gold’s Gym. This helped them transfer their existing member’s database automatically to the COSEC system.
Access Allowed for Valid Members only
Access to Gym’s Facilities Provided only till Membership Lasts
Membership Renewal Notifications Sent to Members
Block Access of Members upon Completion of Membership
Accurate and Customized Access Reports
Enhanced Security at the Premises
Matrix Merged Multiple Locations of a Power Transmission Company in Oman on a Single Network and Ensured Secure Communications
Matrix, with a varied portfolio of Telecom and Security solutions, has built up a strong customer base in the domestic and the international market. The company holds a product line consisting of reliable IP-PBXs, intelligent GSM and VoIP Gateways, ergonomically designed User Terminals and advanced Unified Communication server. All these products are engineered to improve communication in different businesses in the Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare and the Banking sector.

Matrix recently constructed a robust communication infrastructure at the Oman based Power Transmission company. The Power Transmission Company handles the responsibility of generating power as well as maintaining the power needs of Oman. In association with esteemed partner - Khimji Ramdas LLC, Matrix tailored a solution with PBXs and Gateways.

The company has two head offices in two different cities of Oman. Head office-1 is in Muscat and head office-2 is in Dhofar. Both head offices have their own power plants – head office-1 has 70 power plants while the head office-2 has seven. The company couldn’t afford any break in communication and hence, having a communication backup was their prime requirement. Further, they wanted to elevate communication experience of their employees. For this they were looking for a system with convenient dialling patterns. A single box capable of providing connectivity on different networks such as PRI, BRI, GSM, CO and IP was one of their requirements. Confidentiality of communication was a matter of concern for them, so they wanted a secured network for routing all their calls.
Challenges:   Solution:
System Redundancy
Convenient Dialling Patterns
Access Multiple Trunks from a Single Solution
Easy Management and Call Transfer for Operators
Secured Communication between Multiple Locations
Multi-location Communication over Fibre – ETERNITY ME
VOIP-FXO-FXS Gateway Solution - SETU VFXTH0016
Multiple Trunks - 16 CO Trunks and 8 GSM
GSM CUG Trunking to Connect with the Field Employees
Built-in Advanced Network Security Protocols

“All our products are tailored to cater to the distinct communication needs of the different industries. However, our DSIR recognized R&D is constantly working to enable different features to suffice evolving needs of the enterprises”, said Sagar Gosalia, Sr. VP Sales and Marketing.

Ensured 24x7 Connectivity
Robust Back-up
Enhanced Communication Convenience
Improved Productivity
Secured Communication between Multiple Locations
Matrix Wins UC Vendor of the Year for SMBs Award by SME Channels Magazine
Another star studded in the legacy of Matrix! The company was recently recognized as the UC Vendor of the Year for SMBs by SME Channels magazine. The award comes as an appreciation of the relentless efforts put in by Matrix in-house R&D after devising innovative solutions.

Matrix Unified Communication Server family, well-known by the name SARVAM UCS, consists of three variants. Each model is targeted towards different business sizes. Matrix ETERNITY GENX, tailored for small and medium businesses, focuses on improving communication amongst more than 1,000 users. Built on the four pillars of Communication, Collaboration, Messaging and Mobility, the solution is loaded with all features required to improve the communication infrastructure of any SMB. The platform supports legacy and modern networks and suffices businesses’ need of accessing real-time and non-real-time communication such as Presence Sharing, Audio Conferencing, Instant Messaging, Chat, Extended Mobility and more.

“It is a great honor to be recognized as the best UC Vendor of the Year 2017. We thank SME Channels Magazine for the coveted award. The award fuels our efforts and enthusiasm to develop more feature-rich products that easily withstands the test of time and technology, said Mr. Ganesh Jivani, Managing Director.
A Glimpse at the Features of Matrix SPARSH VP710 – the Smart Video IP Phone
With companies following the culture of opening branches at different locations, there emerged the problem of collaboration and connectivity between employees. For concluding critical decisions, high level professionals had to travel which required capital and time investment.

Matrix, abiding by its mission of anticipating communication needs of enterprises and tailoring products accordingly, launched Matrix SPARSH VP710 – the Smart Video IP Phone. The User Terminal backed up by robust IP network, bridges communication gaps by offering uninterrupted and enhanced video calling experience.

Besides classy looks and reliable architecture, the phone has a bundle of functionalities to deliver such as:

Seven Inch Multi-touch Intuitive Touch Screen: The enlarged seven inch HD screen offers the essence of face to face interactions, and hence, enables employees to automate decision making process. Fitted with a shutter that can be slid over the camera, this phone offers flexibility of protecting users’ privacy, if required.

USB Port: The phone comes with an in-built USB port that enables employees to insert external devices and back up their call recordings or take screenshots. The same port can be used for easy media exchange of Apps, Music, Video and other files. Personnel can charge their smartphones or tablets by plugging them in the USB port of SPARSH VP710.

Bluetooth Connectivity: For enabling users to continue conversation outside boundaries of their desks, facility to connect Bluetooth has also been offered. The professionals can map their mobile devices with the SPARSH VP710 for easy wireless transfer of calls between the two.

User Interface: Based on the most used Android interface, the phone can be easily used by any employee without training. With an easy to use interface, professionals can save their time of juggling between different functionalities. This in turn helps them focus on other important tasks and boost productivity.

“With SPARSH VP710, we are targeting Banking, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail and Manufacturing segments, where Video Calling/Conferencing is an indispensable part of daily communication. However, we will gradually be introducing more features in our Smart Video IP Deskphone”, said Ganesh Jivani, Managing Director.
Matrix Wraps Up Participation at the SECUREXPO East Africa 2018
Matrix, an industry leader in manufacturing Telecom and Security solutions, recently concluded participation at the SECUREXPO East Africa 2018. The event is an ideal platform to catch a glimpse of emerging technologies for the Telecom and Security sector.

Matrix grabbed the opportunity to showcase newly launched solutions from its kitty to the East African market. The products in display included the cutting edge technologies from Telecom, Access Control and Time-Attendance and Video Surveillance domain.

From the biometric domain, Matrix showcased its newly launched Face Recognition technology for authentication through mobile. The technology enables contactless authentication with precision and accuracy. Talking about smart phones, Matrix will showcase its mobile based Access Control solution, whereby a user can either scan QR code or just twist his/her phone for Bluetooth authentication. Matrix will also showcase some extraordinary Biometric Door Controllers useful for applications in Time-Attendance, Access Control, Visitor Management, Cafeteria Management and more.

Video Surveillance wing exhibited its Video Management Software SATATYA SAMAS. The software is capable of addressing threats in a logically sequential manner through its recently launched feature CREAM (Cognitive Responsive Engine with Automated Monitoring). Alongside, Matrix IP Cameras were also showcased which are armed with the SONY STARVIS series sensor with EXMOR technology. This gives the cameras an edge over others in terms of exceptional low light performance, consistent image in varying light conditions (True WDR), better bandwidth optimization and many other features. In addition to this, Matrix Network Video Recorderswere demonstrated that are equipped with characteristics like Cascading, Camera-wise Recording Retention, Database Level Integration and plenty of other distinct features.

The product that attracted attention of masses was Matrix SPARSH VP710 – the Smart Video IP Deskphone. Tailored for high level professionals, the User Terminal is equipped with a range of functionalities such as seven inch intuitive screen for enhanced video calls, USB ports for connecting external devices, Bluetooth connectivity for easy hand over and more. Mobility, multi-location collaboration and improved internal communication were the solutions that garnered spotlight.

“We have had detailed interactions with the visitors at our stall. The discussions gave us a brief insight of the market size and segments. More partner appointments and business opportunities are the expected outcomes of the event”, said Ganesh Jivani, Managing Director.
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